Wow, What a week!

Hello everybody! I know it’s the first time I’m publishing a blog post on a Saturday but honestly this is the perfect time for this post cause this week yeah, has just been “very somehow” from hot tears everywhere to “what is this now” moments. It’s just been an exhausting week and I’m glad it’s over. I’m currently writing this blog post eating drinking noodles cause I’m basically just swallowing it without chewing, why? You’ll find out soon.

The purpose of this blog post is to fill you guys in and give you the gist of what happened to me this week cause this week was not in my favour at all.

I started this week thinking it would be fun and amazing as my younger sisters were going on their mid-term break so it wouldn’t just be me alone with my parents at home, but little did I know that the universe was laughing at me at that moment.

This was how I was, watching the events of this week unfold:

So a run down of my week? Let’s go

1) Your health is indeed important. Learnt this the hard way. That’s all I have to say on that.

2) My phone screen decided to go against its owner and wanted to be independent therefore leading it to start opening up apps on its own.

3) My charger has been testing my patience as it has been doing “off and on” even with the cello tape wrapped around it

4) I’ve had a semi-terrible toothache

5) My arms ache really bad

6) I’m officially broquè as I have now spent all my money on data subscription (one day we are going to visit this topic. Until then, network providers well done oh)

7) My gum is swollen cause at my big age, I’m still growling my molars

8) And to top it all of, I woke up yesterday with tonsillitis again! (I had it two years ago)

Meaning of tonsillitis Tonsillitis meaning

Are you guys seeing what a “wonderful” week this was. LOL help me and cry please

This was legit me throughout this week:

[wpvideo LoNVe44r ]

All I want to do now is sleep and hope that next week will be better cause I can’t even take it anymore.

But what I’ve learnt from the events of this week, especially the first “predicament” listed, always give thanks to God in all situations.

Right now I’m eating Mac n cheese and barbecue chicken from Mega Chicken. Proof that it’s only going to get better❤️

Life is short guys, appreciate it.

We have come to the end of this sad blog post! But guess what? We move!

How was your week? I trust it was better than mine

Does anybody know any home remedies for tonsillitis? Please share

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  1. It was indeed a trying week for you. It can only get better though. Do ensure to treat the tonsillitis quickly as delayed treatment can make it become very severe. I wish you a better new week. Cheers.

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