Why I Deactivated My Personal Twitter Account

With over 3,200 followers on my personal twitter account, exactly a week ago, I made the grisly decision to deactivate it, leaving me with my blog’s twitter account @cupofteeblog.

Why did I deactivate it?

If you are a proper twitter user, there’s no doubt that you’ve noticed how toxic and unhealthy the application can get and also the people on it.

Twitter is a space where you can freely share your thoughts and opinions about topics and that’s great- but with advantages, also comes disadvantages.

Twitter gave freedom of expression but some people on the app have made it their personal goal(s) to obstruct this and also abuse it.

Twitter has done a lot of good to a lot of people, I included. It has also done a lot of bad to people. I have seen people make horrible decisions because of actions taken on this app.

Another thing I do not fancy about the app is the lack of personal space (unless you decide to go private). I feel like I shouldn’t have to resort to muting, unfollowing or even blocking people before I can have my space from them because I feel that’s a little extreme.

I can’t have people not being in my business unless I do that? Why?

Because of the freedom of expression and being able to tweet whatever you want, people twist the narrative of what you tweeted and interpret it in whatever form they want in their minds.

With you openly tweeting whatever you want, people think it’s their right to be able to speak on it and have an opinion on it. But what they don’t realise is that sometimes you might just be tweeting whatever pops up in your head.

You can tweet something simple like “I’m done with all this sh*t” and suddenly someone you don’t even know thinks the absolute worst of it and comes up with a whole story to back up your tweet meanwhile you might have just been referring to your sibling eating your food and wanting to beat them up (I do not support violence LOL)

If you complain about this, people will say “just go private” “block me already” “what’s wrong with your unfollow button” have you forgotten how to mute”

But they don’t realise that you don’t have to do all that before they leave you alone!

Mind your business for clear skin

I’ve even seen stories of people taking screenshots of tweets and pictures and sending it to the parents of the twitter user. Why would anyone even do that if they’re not seriously possessed?

I’ve also seen people brush off the harshness and toxicity of the app by saying “all na cruise, na trips” but they fail to realise that not everyone takes things as easily as them and some things you say purely out of cruise’ really affects people

With my break from twitter, it has enabled me to focus more on more important things in my life such as reading more and discovering new interests and also focusing on a big project of mine coming (details soon)

How has it been so far?

Well, on the first two days after deactivating it, It didn’t really have an effect on me and I was totally pleased with my decision.

Apparently, I only have a 30-day timeframe to activate my account back before twitter completely wipes my account from existence and their database.

Do I want that to happen? I don’t know yet, but I’ll figure it out.

No major questions today but I just hope you’re having an amazing day/week and I want to urge you to please focus on yourself and your mental health and always put it first because it is really important.

And remember, if you need to, please take a break and unwind from things, you deserve it.

Have a wonderful week and I’ll be down in the comment section to discuss whatever you want with you🤍

Please do follow my Twitter account at @cupofteeblog <3

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  1. I totally understand how you feel. It’s a necessity to take breaks off that bird app for as long as you need.
    I don’t use the app as much anymore because what was usually just vibes and “cruise” has become such a toxic space and there’s only so much muting and unfollowing you can do before you decide to call it quits.

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