Why Are Lagosians So Angry?

So your girl is back home from school in the city of Lagos and ready to have the dettiest December even with no money in the account.

As I arrived in this glorious state I was first greeted by its signature thing, traffic. I was already angry as i whispered to my cousin, “we have come back to this useless place”

I guess I’ve already gotten used to the no traffic thing back in Ile-Ife. I’m kind of bitter sweet about coming back for this Christmas break as I’m going to be greeted with mid-semesters preparation immediately I get back to school in January.

As my cousin and I arrived and we stood by the road side to get a bus going to Mile 2/Oshodi, my hand luggage mistakenly touched this man’s leg but it’s not a big deal right? It didn’t even run over his toes. Apparently he was bored and had nothing to do and wanted to carry the matter on his head oh. I did not realize but this man actually followed me to the front a little and decided to “revenge” by pouring little water from the satchel water in his hand, on my bag. I was so confused like ah ahn egbon kilode bayi. I didn’t bother to say or do anything as it was too early to receive slap from a stranger upon my arrival.

This among other things that happened on the bus ride home made me ask myself this question,

Why Are Lagosians So Angry?

Lagos has so much bad energy for real. Like is there something in the air that makes everybody mad for some reason? Is it the traffic? I don’t get it.

As I sat down uncomfortably on the hard kpako Danfo seat, I stared out the window and just observed the scenery and the people. Almost everybody was yelling at someone for one reason or another.

My bus driver was not left out.

Our bus was driving next to a Jeep and the driver of the Jeep was an elderly woman with a man who looked around the same age as her or even older, in the passenger seat beside her.

I guess she was driving a bit slow or whatever and out of nowhere my bus driver yelled “MADAM SHEY YOU NO GO GIVE OGA CAR MAKE HE DRIVE YOU”

She responded to him angrily but I couldn’t pick out what she was saying as everybody in the bus burst into laughter.

And I was just there like

Like she was just minding her own business oh😭

Many fights on the streets of Lagos later, we finally got to my destination and I alighted.

This state is definitely something else. The madness is definitely a Nigerian thing but Lagos’ own is on a different level entirely.

Well like I said earlier, your girl is back home for the holidays and is ready for spoiling.

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We have now come to the end of this blog post! Now my questions of course

What state do you reside?

Have you experienced the Lagos road rage?

What are your plans this December?

Not a question but please stay safe this December cause “The streets are rugged”

Until next time!!

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  1. I think the frustration of traffic just make lagosians always angry. Like your hand touches a woman dress and she’s already raining curses. I think the frustration will increase now that we’ve to trek long distance due to okada and keke ban.
    Was a good read

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