What’s in my Okadabooks Library?

Okadabooks is a book reading platform where people publish and read books.

Okadabooks has a website and also an application that can be downloaded on your device. It is free for everyone to use except when you want to purchase a book that is not free i.e it is for sale and has a price attached to it.

This summer I found out about this platform when I wanted to get back into writing and i’m completely obsessed.

Today, I want to share with you what’s in my library!

Note: I have not completed all of the books to be mentioned. The ones completed will be indicated.

1.Confessions of a Kenyan Uber Taxi Driver by Charles Chanchori

Not completed

2.Memoirs of a Lagos Playboy by Malcom O. Ifi


3.Diary of a Lagos Intern by Ibejigba Caleb


4.The Folly Of Men by Sanni Sulyman

Not completed

5.Dear Future Husband by Tomi Adesina

Not completed

And that it! As you can see I’ve only completed two books out of 5.

Do you love reading books? I highly recommend all of the books mentioned above.

Next week, I would be writing about one of the books mentioned above. Which is it? Come back next week Tuesday to find out ; )

And also don’t forget to check out Okadabooks. The App is available on both Android and IOS

Have you read any of the books mentioned?

Recommend me some books to read on Okadabooks

What book do you want me to talk about next week?

How’s your week going?

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