What’s in My Closet? Shoes!

Today we are talking about fashion but more specifically, shoes.

But what type of shoes? Heels!

When it comes to an outfit, the last thing I think about is shoes.

I mentally put together an outfit a night before a movement and I always forget about shoes.

I do like shoes though but one type of shoes I always forget about is heels.

When I think about heels, all I imagine is my feet wobbling and aching.

Throughout my life up to this moment, I have owned a couple of heels.

Most of them were passed down from my older sister but I finally purchased my first pair of heels on July 2017, it was my prom/graduation shoe!

I absolutely loved those heels (not pictured)

It was so comfy and my feet didn’t hurt at all!

Even though I took them off halfway during my prom to dance lol but they still good.

I didn’t get my second pair of heels till December 2019. Yeah, just last year. My parents got them for me and I fell in love with them immediately.

And my third pair of heels were gifted to me February 2020!

Although I absolutely LOVE these shoes, I’m more of a flats and slippers girl.

My legs still wobble and ache but all my friends say I’ll get used to it.

But my favourite pair of heels is this! (Pictured below)

My second pair of heels mentioned earlier

My feet do not hurt in it and they definitely don’t wobble. It’s so comfortable and so easy to walk in.

Would I be making more purchases with my own money of my own on heels in the nearest future? Definitely.

But I would still accept gifted ones of course LOL

Do you like heels?

What are your favourite types of shoes?

Pick a side; flats, sneakers or heel?

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