What I’ve Been Up To This Social Distancing Period

Hey guys! I’m back with another blog post. So due to the spread of the COVID-19, we were told to practice social distancing and stay indoors to avoid further spreading of the virus.

Although we all panicked (some still panicking) about the absolute boredom that comes with staying indoors all day, I have actually found ways to keep myself busy and enjoy my time at home. 

Want to find out what I’ve been up to so far? Keep reading


When I say “outside” I mean the compound. We are not going outside our houses, remember? Do you remember when we were little and loved playing outside with our siblings or friends and we had the best time ever? But now we are grown and all we want to do is sit indoors and use our devices or go out with friends to have fun.

This social distancing period actually made my older brother say to me and my younger sisters “let’s go outside and play”. Trust me we all looked at him like he was crazy but he persuaded us and we actually ended up having a good time. We played ball games and ran around trying not to break the windscreen of my dad’s car with the double leather soccer ball. Yeah it almost happened. Don’t tell him I said that


Yeah my siblings and I know how to have fun by ourselves. We decided to drop our phones and discover our talents in singing and dancing. It was quite funny cause we actually can’t sing and the rule for the dance competition was to dance as stupid as possible. So we had quite a laugh. Nobody won the competition by the way. We were all trash. Our neighbours were probably doubting our sanity. Sigh


So while we were not outside playing and making absolute fools of ourselves, we baked a cake!

Initially we wanted to bake cookies but our mum convinced us to bake a cake instead. We baked a vanilla cake and shredded white chocolate on it while it was still hot, fresh from the oven. Let me tell you something, it was amazing. We might just bake it again. This time with a side of cookies. Hmmmm


So I never actually struggled with my weight. I currently weigh 70kg. That’s okay but I feel like I can still lose a few. Losing weight isn’t really my problem but I’m tired of sucking belle (remember this Blog Post?) and since I am stuck indoors with nothing much to do, I might as well start working out. I downloaded this home workout app and it’s going okay. My brother has been my coach and hype man. Wish me luck guys!


Although all of my previous mentioned points include activities with my family, family time also includes just sitting down and enjoying the company of your family. You could be talking about different random things. It really makes you feel better about the whole panic from the pandemic. My family and I have gotten a lot closer as we’ve been spending a lot of time together since we don’t really have a choice.

Although we don’t want to be in this situation (dealing with a pandemic) and it’s been causing a lot of panic and anxiety, don’t just stay around and overthink during this period. Adhere to the instructions of the federal government and stay indoors and practice social distancing.

Maintain good hygiene. Don’t forget to wash your hands!

May God continue to protect us and our loved ones.

How are you making use of this social distancing period?

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  1. Binge watching all the shows on Netflix and hosted a family karaoke night the other day (half the members didn’t show up 😪) but those that did had a lit time

  2. Amid the troubles and fatalities caused by the pandemic, it has actually done some good in bringing families together. On my part, I’ve been glued to my laptop. In between working online and trying to gain some new skills and online certifications, there hasn’t really been much going on.

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