The Art of Minding Your Business| #COTRants Twitter Version

Today’s blog post is about an issue that needs to be discussed. Yes, I am here to rant.

Today I am focusing on the social media app, Twitter.

Twitter is a platform to share ideas, thoughts and information.

Because people share their personal thoughts, other people feel the need to comment on them, without being asked to. How does that make any sense?

Not only do they share their distasteful “opinions” on a person’s idea, they also try to justify their actions by saying “If you didn’t want anyone to comment on it, you shouldn’t have posted it”

But I don’t get it, WHO ASKED YOU?

Don’t get me wrong, if a person’s opinion is positive and does not affect the person who tweeted it, and the person is also not complaining about it and appreciates your comments, that’s alright.

But some people will just come out of nowhere and put their mouth inside matter that does not concern them, insulting the person and hide under “it’s my opinion” and “it’s just Twitter”

Stop it please.

If your opinion was asked, that wouldn’t have been a problem. But where your opinion was not asked for and you are forcing it, why are you doing that?

If you need your opinion to be voiced out so bad, write it in a personal book or scream it into the sky or pray and talk to God about it.

You don’t need to hop on every trend and talk about it.

What I’ll never understand is why some people feel the need to write negative things on people’s posts. You don’t even know the person and you’re trying to belittle the person. Are you well?

iT’s My OpiNiOn. Rest please. Rest and heal your bitter soul and allow people to enjoy things.

Your “opinion” isn’t needed everywhere.

There’s something called positive criticism but some people can’t just do that.

Please leave people alone and mind your business.

A wise person once said, “if them no involve you, no involve yourself. E get why.”

That’s the end of my rant.

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How have you been doing?

I’m using this opportunity to apologize for being so inconsistent lately with publishing blog posts. I’m just trying to find my balance with everything going on in my life.

What type of content do you want to see on this blog? Let me know down in the comment section!

Have you ever been a victim to people not minding their business and forcing their opinions on your matter on social media?

How did you handle it?

Let’s discuss in the comment section!

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  1. Upbringing, home etiquette and social quotient play a very vital role in the social interactions of individuals. The most important thing to bear in mind when in a social space (physical or virtual) is that everyone wasn’t brought up like yourself so one should always be expectant of every type of behaviour. To avoid clashes and the likes, it is always advisable that one learns to ignore comments from uncouth individuals.

  2. Omo…. This write up is so on point. . Sometimes I shy away from posting because of “why did you post of you don’t want ppl to comment”!… But i usually feel better after posting.. Not like I want ppl to comment or pity … But the feeling of letting it out alone is enough. But most ppl won’t get this.

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