Tee Takes on Photography!

From writer to blogger to certified digital marketer and now a certified photographer!

While ya’ll were busy enjoying your summer at home or work, your girl was in school

So let me give you a little explanation on how my summer went.

My school, Oduduwa University, has an entrepreneur training program that 2nd year students going to their 3rd year do during their summer break.

I know what you’re thinking, yes it’s compulsory, It’s part of the school curriculum.

So every student gets to pick a trade and they are placed in centers in Ile-Ife town, Osogbo or neighboring towns with trainers/instructors to learn from.

Examples of the trades are; Leather work, make up, hair dressing, event management, CCTV installation, Graphic design, photography (multimedia production) and many more.

The program runs for a duration of 3-4 months. It also comes with a certificate of completion.

At the end of the program, there’s a final examination and an exhibition where the students exhibit all what they’ve learnt during the program.

It’s actually a really great opportunity to learn a trade.

So I learnt photography! Why? I’ve actually always had an interest in photography and I was really excited about this.

We learnt the basics of the digital camera, composition, editing and all.

Your girl is going to become a pro at this

I’ve said “your girl” way too much in this blog post. Forgive me LOL

So yeah, get ready for something new with Cup Of Tee.

I just need a camera now LOL

It was a great opportunity to learn what I’ve always loved and also meet new people.

The program is also available for people who are not students of Oduduwa University.

Now I’m home and my mum made puff puff! Thanks for reading!

Puff puff!

Have you ever learnt a trade? If yes, what?

What trade would you like to learn?

Do you think the entrepreneur program is a good thing? If yes, why?

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  1. Cup of Tee, i’m always looking forward to reading your write ups.”TRADE’ yeah!!! It’s good for every student to have a trade apart from his or her line of study.( Cup Of Tee) may God uphold you. Stay blessed.

  2. Congratulations, Tee. Entrepreneurial skills, especially the practical aspect, is a very essential tool every young person should take hold of to be able to compete and survive in the global market.

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