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2019, I’m thankful.

This is officially the last blog post of 2019 and I just want to take a moment to breathe and reflect on all that happened this year. A lot happened this year, both good and bad. The first and second half of the year felt like two different years. This year really tested my patience …

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Why Are Lagosians So Angry?

So your girl is back home from school in the city of Lagos and ready to have the dettiest December even with no money in the account. As I arrived in this glorious state I was first greeted by its signature thing, traffic. I was already angry as i whispered to my cousin, “we have …

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Wow, What a week!

Hello everybody! I know it’s the first time I’m publishing a blog post on a Saturday but honestly this is the perfect time for this post cause this week yeah, has just been “very somehow” from hot tears everywhere to “what is this now” moments. It’s just been an exhausting week and I’m glad it’s …

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