Student Life|| The Third Chapter

Well hello everybodyyyyyyy. It’s been a long time since I gave you guys the gist of how my life’s been going, since that’s what this blog is partly about.

I apologize for that, life has just been coming at me real fast this last couple of months.

So how are you guys? Really, how are you doing?

As you can tell from the title of this blog post, I am in my third year of Uni! (My family members still find that shocking)

I have entered my third chapter in my University life and all I can say is, I am tired (I thank God too, of course)

Like this is no joke, I am truly tired.

Will It be bad if I just finally drop out? Is it too late? I didn’t sign up for all this stress.

Convocation was last week Thursday and it was really emotional for me. Seeing the smiles on everybody’s places as they came to terms with the fact that they are done with this place. God when??

Alexa play me Jealous by Fireboy DML.

Classes just started yesterday (yes, my school resumes late while some people are already on holiday sigh) but I’m already exhausted.

I was already feeling exhausted even before I resumed.

It seems like every “Student Life” blog post I publish, I’m always complaining but I don’t even care.

Someone please tell me why I am doing 13 courses in 300 level??

Please pray for me you guys because I am so close to dropping out and dedicating my life to spending my Daddy’s money till I settle for a rich man to marry.

The only thing that keeps me going at this point is when my parents say “ah Tanto is already in 300 level oh” to every friend of theirs or family members and of course they always hail me by saying “My VP!” Yeah so that always gingers me.

Thank you for reading my rant and side note to OUI Mass Communication freshers, just because I am the Vice President doesn’t mean I came to school because of you, don’t come and meet me for anything. Thank you and God bless.

You now have come to the end of this blog post and of course I have to ask the question, HAVE YOU LISTENED TO FIREBOY DML’s ALBUM LTG????

What’s your favorite song on it?

5 thoughts on “Student Life|| The Third Chapter”

  1. Hey, Tanto. First of, congratulations on your progression to senior year of the university. As regards the stress, just manage. In a bit, you’ll be done and someone would also request Alexa to play Fireboy’s Jealous or whatever matches the tempo at the time.

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