Student Life: The Final Chapter|| Tales of a Final Year University student

It seems just like yesterday when I packed my bags and carried myself all the way from Lagos state to Osun state, leaving my parents’ house to live somewhere else for the first time, far away from my family. In the blink of an eye, I’m now in my final year!

I initially wanted to write this blog post last year November when I was just resuming first semester, but I couldn’t come around to do so. I thought it was getting too late to write it so I wanted to just forget about it, but then I recently realised that this is actually the perfect time for this blog post.

At the beginning of first semester, November 2020, I was extremely excited about finally being in my final year in the university. It hadn’t fully dawned on me that I am going to be done with university is a matter of months. I was just going for classes normally. The day I finally accepted it, was the day I saw my name in the project supervisor list. I sat down and said to myself “guy you’re in 400 level oh”

I always heard about the struggles of final year students but I always thought that they were just doing something wrong somewhere and it wasn’t that deep. Omo I was wrong.

Being a 400 level Mass Communication student in a Nigerian university is HARD WORK. There are so many things to do and such little time.

There are assignments due soon with nothing written, seminar presentation with no topic in mind yet, course projects to do but group members are not cooperating and let’s not forget project supervisors that are not helping matters at all! Oh and did I mention that I am offering 9 courses?

I remember reading a blog post on OsasTheKing where she spoke about How to Maintain Your Sanity During The Last Days Of Your Final Yesr In The University. In that blog post she mentioned pre-graduate depression and how nobody had mentioned it before and how she wondered if it wanted to start with her. I think I took that torch from her.

All of a sudden, I’m faced with a lot of what ifs because I realise that there’s a whole reality that I’m not ready to face in the outside world

OsasTheKing- How To Maintain Your Sanity During The Last Days Of Your Final Year In The University

All of a sudden, I’m not in a hurry to graduate anymore

OsasTheKing- How To Maintain Your Sanity During The Last Days Of Your Final Year In The University

But Osas, me I want to hurry up and leave this place.

With the stress that comes with this final year student title, I have also added the burden of being the President of my department student association.

It has gotten so bad that I just get random urges to burst into tears almost every day but I have to be a big girl. Because if I start crying, I don’t think I will stop.

One thing that I think is going to break that dam of tears soon is the fact that my project supervisor declined all 7 of my project topic ideas and told me to present new topics.

Remember how I said that I have a seminar presentation with no topic in mind yet? Hmm

My group members and I actually did have a topic before, and it was approved by our HOD (Head of Department) but the topic isn’t doing it for us anymore and we want to change the topic but we can’t seem to find a suitable one and our seminar defense is less than a month away.

And we also have a documentary to produce (different course)

Oh and I’m the group leader for both seminar and documentary courses.

For the documentary, we don’t even know what to do it on yet and it is to be handed in, in two weeks.

Ah I didn’t mention that we are currently writing our online mid semesters? LOL

Yes, we are physically in school but my school has decided that they want to be big boys and girls and make the school a “digital university”.

This online exams are not in my favour at all because MTN and my account balance have decided to be enemies of progress but they will not succeed.

All I wish now is for me to be able to fast forward all this to when I will finally give glory to God because all the tears and agony finally led to joy and praise.

From all this and even more that were not mentioned, you can see that me saying I’m mentally and physically “stressed” is an understatement. Please pray for me

The only thing that has cheered me up recently is when I answered a question correct it class two days ago and the lecturer told everyone to give me a round of applause. Twice. Yeah, big SMART girl moves.

Tales of a broke and frustrated final year university media student

How was your final year in the university?

Did you ever experience pre-graduate depression?

What advice can you give me?

And please I am open to writing jobs, help a broke student 🙁

5 thoughts on “Student Life: The Final Chapter|| Tales of a Final Year University student”

  1. Sorry dear, at least you’re almost done. Being a student in Nigeria is really stressful it’s just as if they don’t want to give you breathing space but we’ll get through it.

  2. The pre-graduate depression is real. I never knew “pre-graduate depression” was the right term for what I passed through in 2020. Funnily, I wrote my final year exams online during the COVID-19 lock-down and it took me a while to come to the realization that, “I am a graduate”. I jes kent believe it (in Falz voice).

    My advice to you: Keep your heads up. Don’t break!


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