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Let’s Talk About Career: I Feel Stagnant

It took a mental talk with myself, a long conversation with my father, and 11 voice notes to my partner to finally say, “I think I should make this a blog post’, so here we are.

For a while, I forgot about this blog’s main purpose- to share my thoughts and experiences. So, here I am, sharing my thoughts and what I’ve been experiencing. 

I am writing this blog post for a couple of reasons; to get things off my mind and chest, to look back and pat myself on the back when I finally achieve my goals, and to also refer my friends and family to this because I know I’ll still want to talk about it with them, but won’t have the energy to say everything. So, if you are my friend/family reading this, pay close attention. 

My Career Progress So Far

I have been writing for eight years and have been through all stages of a writer’s feelings. From trying to reach the peak of my career to getting a big break and even having strong hate for writing, I’ve experienced it all.

Why exactly am I writing this post? Although I’ve been writing for the past eight years and have been in the digital marketing and content marketing space for the past four years, I feel stagnant. 

And I have been feeling this way for the past year.

Although the past year has been the best time of my life,  I’ve basically just been living on vibes, career-wise. 

A couple of years ago, I had a solid plan and understanding of what I wanted to do with my life and career, my goals, and how to achieve them. 

But I literally woke up one morning and was like, “Nah”. I suddenly lost interest in everything, and nothing really mattered to me anymore. I usually have sudden bursts of energy and zeal to do things, but it quickly disappears shortly after. 

If you have been here from the start of Cup of Tee, you would know how consistent I was with it, even while in school. I got praised all the time for it. 

But lately, consistency and I do not know each other. Who’s that? 

It is pretty sad, to be honest.

But today, I have decided to get my groove back. 

I’m a content marketing professional working in the tech space, specialising in crypto, DeFI and Web3. I would’ve never seen this coming a year ago.

And today (the 1st of March 2023) makes it one year since I was thrown into the industry as I was transferred to a new product in my current company. 

What Do I Want To Achieve?

I’m currently 21 years old, and in the next 5-10 years, I want to look back on my career and see actual growth from one level to another. I want to become a Chief Content Officer, Chief Marketing officer or even a Vice President of Content in whatever company. 

I want to own and run my own online magazine with an array of writers of various niches working for me. A major inspiration is Poosh by Kourtney Kardashian. 

I want to be recognised as an expert in my field and be called upon to speak at various events because of my expertise. 

I want to look back, pat myself on the back and say, “Well done, Tanto.”

This article is an open journal, a letter to older Tanto and a promise to myself.

I will achieve all these things and more. So help me, God.

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