I Gave Myself an Imaginary NGN350,000 To Shop on Fashion Nova

Hi guys, I’m back again with a new blog post! Some of us do not have the luxury (yet) to go on a huge shopping spree, we can only imagine what we can buy when given a particular amount of money. In today’s blog post, I gave myself an imaginary NGN350,000 to go on a shopping spree on an online store and I chose Fashion Nova!

So if I had N350,000, what would I buy? Let’s find out

This blog post was inspired by a fellow blogger, Siainstyle which did a similar post. The link to her blog post will be added at the end of this post.

Layers to this round neck bodysuit”
Price: 12,131.00 NGN
“Valencia Bandage Dress”
Price: 18,201.00 NGN
“Current Reigning Mini Dress
Price: 24,271.00 NGN
“Elsie Denim Jacket”
Price: 15,371.00 NGN
“Aaliyah Short sleeve tunic top”
Price: 11,321.00 NGN

If you know me, you’ll know how much I love graphic Tees. That’s almost all I wear in school.
“Flame in your heart suede skirt– Rust”
Price: 10,111.00 NGN

The rust colour of this skirt grabbed my attention.
I’ve never been a fan of mini skirts but I’m actually starting to like them.
Dates in the city off shoulder– Ivory”
Price: 16,181.00 NGN
Dates in the city– Black”
Price: 16,181.00

Of course I loved this so much I also had to get this in another colour.
Grow matter what dress-Lavender/Combo”
Price:16,181.00 NGN

I love this dress so much cuz it gives me that summer feel
Ryan boyfriend jeans
Price: 18,201.00 NGN
Waiting for the weekend skirt
Price: 7,631.00 NGN

And another cute mini skirt cause why not?
Iced out bracelet set”
Price: 4,961.00 NGN

My shopping bag won’t be complete without at least one piece of jewellery. I’m not really a bracelet person but this piece caught my eye
Zoey racer back bodysuit
Price: 4,961.00 NGN

And for the last piece, a simple black bodysuit.

That’s all!


Drumroll please…

So I have some change left from my 350k budget so I’m going to use that money to get some imaginary food after this lockdown.

But wait first, who is duties and why am I paying him??

Not gonna lie, my chest tightened when I saw the total cuz initially this was meant to be NGN250,000 budget. The Yoruba person in me jumped out as I was tempted to ask “what’s the last price?”

And for the shipping fee, let me not talk.

So like earlier mentioned, this blog post was inspired by a fellow blogger, Siainstyle. You can check out her blog post here

What is your favourite item out of all the pieces I picked? Let me know!

So how’s the lockdown going for you? Personally, I’m exhausted but we have no choice.

Stay home and don’t forget to wash your hands!

Love, Tee🖤

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  1. The lavender sundress and the checkered weekend skirt does it for me. They give that causal, yet classy look. Also, throw a long sleeved shirt over the skirt and you could score a corporate outfit.

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