Time to Rant|| Moving Out

Before you start reading this, I just got a new GIF app that I’m absolutely in love with so get ready for a lot (well not a lot) of reaction GIFs in my rant blog posts 😉

Living with people, seeing them every single day, interacting with them and experiencing these same people constantly invading your personal space can be extremely frustrating and it’s even more frustrating when these people are your family members and you somehow can’t escape them.

Imagine being stuck at home with them because of a pandemic that is going on!

This has been the story of my life for the past 5 months now.

My family members have refused to allow me to breathe properly without seeing them at every corner and constantly disturbing my peace.

It’s not easy being a content writer in this house.

So imagine this, you’re seated in the home office trying to write a new article going up on your blog next week and your brother just enters the room with his laptop and his speaker blasting music and also your younger sister doing her math assignment and blasting Kpop music on the other side of you and when you complain about the noise their music is bringing, their best advice is “go to another place”

The audacity.

Let me not even go into details about when you’re trying to write yet again another article and you hear a screeching noise from your baby sister. That is her calling your name in the most annoying tone, but that’s just her voice.

Have you ever heard your name so much that you start disliking it? This is me.

I hear my name every 5 minutes in this house. I can’t even rest my head before I’m called on to do another thing.

From cooking meals to following my mum to go out and buy groceries (EVERY SINGLE DAY)

They have refused to understand my displeasure in going out, considering there’s a virus outside!

I once mentioned moving out of the house when I’m done with school next year but my parents thought I was joking and laughed it off.

My dad said to me “the independence you want, you will still get it and you will even get tired of it.” But how do I tell him that I’m not looking for independence, I just want my own personal space to create content on my own, cause honestly, I’m tired of getting all dolled up to take pictures of myself just to get called on to come and make Eba.

So everyone, am I wrong in wanting to move out and leave these people?

I love them and all yeah, but like, can’t we do that in long-distance?

Do you live with your family or do you live alone?

Have you ever thought about moving out to your own place?

What age did you move out?

How did your family members take it when you told them you wanted to move out?

How do you find living alone? Rate it from 1-10 and please give reason(s)

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you want to move out and live on your own? (Give reason(s) please)

Please is it pronounced g-i-f, jif or gif?

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  1. Hello, Tanto. I understand your plight. It is and has never been easy living in the family house, most especially for an African female. However, cherish these moments because when you eventually leave, you will occasionally be hit with tremendous nostalgia. I live alone, quite far from family, and though I’m almost constantly busy, memories and reminiscing creeps in more often than none (especially with the current global pandemic). True, living alone gives you that independence of personal space and peace you desire but it also comes with its responsibilities and waiver of certain privileges. Finally, the pronunciation of GIF is JIF.

    1. yeah i support you, but she’s a content creator. she needs time to herself at least 4 hours a day. so she can create contents. i know i know, nostalgia will kick in at some point when she eventually move out and is on her own, but a phone call will fix that and a planned visit. so you believe. parents respects your more when you’re a thousand mile away, rather than when you’re a few feet away.

  2. Oh my God! Why do I relate to this so much? I’ll probably change my name after this “stay at home” period because I don’t think I want to bear this name again.
    My family members are annoying and when I say that I need my space, they don’t get it. I think my name gives them peace of mind because, I don’t get why they have to shout it even when it’s not necessary.

    I told my mom that I would move out after graduation and she said it wouldn’t be happening. It made me laugh because she’ll be shocked when I eventually do.

    We still have to love them regardless.

  3. I don’t know if I would say you are better off than I am. Not just the cooking and going out often or the noise and disturbance that my siblings make all the time, I’ve come to understand that my Dad and mum in particular don’t believe in one having a personal space or being out of sight for too long. 🤷 It’s been over a month going on 2 since I returned and I tell I haven’t been able to raise a brush!! Often times I draw or paint. The day I tried doing the last painting I made I was in-between running errands, answering theirs call and doing a thing or two I just kept praying that my watercolor painting doesn’t go bad.🤧 Totally moving out once I’m financially buoyant enough, I’ll rate moving a 9!! Because you’ll have all the time you need to yourself and you’ll be more creative and productive and a 1 because you’ll still miss them .😊 It’s gif.

  4. 😂😂Relatable!! I honestly cannot wait to move out of home and have my own space. I’ll rate moving out 10!! Cause I just want to create my content in peace, without anyone disturbing me!🤦🏽‍♀️

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