I Am Back…Or Not?

Let me dust the webs real quick…

Hello guysss! Ugh, it feels so weird writing this for real, and I don’t know if I still remember how to write for this blog, but here goes nothing.

It has been over a year since I published a blog post for Cup of Tee, and I never thought it could happen because of how I used to be so obsessed with this blog, but here we are. 

The funny thing is I’ve literally been writing every single day for 11 months now, ACTUAL BLOG POSTS but just not for Cup of Tee. Don’t worry, I’ll be giving you all the tea. 

My one-year break was actually not intentional; procrastination just got the better of me. Over the past year, I got messages almost every day from people saying how much they missed the blog and questions about when next I’ll be publishing, and I just kept saying “soon”. Honestly, I apologise for the delay. 

The past year has been a rollercoaster for real. A lot has happened, and I feel bad for not taking you guys along, but be rest assured that you will get a life update blog post next. 

This blog post is to announce that Cup of Tee is officially back, but we are undergoing a few changes as I’m still trying to decide what direction I want this blog to go.

When I started Cup of Tee, the aim of it was to share my personal thoughts and experiences, and I took you guys along with me through most of my life experiences regarding school and even the pandemic.

Both of those are over now, so it feels like I’m stuck and don’t know where to go from here. But I think I’ll figure it out. 

What Should You Expect From Cup of Tee?

I’m done with school, and we’re done with that chapter, so I’ll be introducing you to a new chapter of my life as I navigate through this confusing thing called adulthood. 

We’re moving away from talking and complaining about school life to now talking about how to survive adulthood regarding relationships, health, finances and much more. 

Do not worry; there will not be any drastic changes to content published here, and I’m still the same Tee. 

We will still have our rant sessions, and I will still be talking about my personal thoughts and experiences. 

Please join me on my new journey and chapter in life, as I can’t wait to share them with you. 

Stay safe! 

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