How To Make Money with Your Blog in Nigeria and in Dubai – Best Means of Monetization

A lot of blogs have sprung up in the Nigerian landscape — Nigerian-owned blogs meant for Nigerians and those globally relevant. And we hear that Linda Ikeji, a blogger, has become so rich from her blog that she has a modern mansion in Banana Island, Lagos’ most expensive estate. Also, she travels anywhere in the world that catches her fancy.

A very important question here is: are all those just from her blog? The answer, straight up, is YES. And more amazing is that she’s not the only one benefitting immensely from blogging. There’s also Uche Pedro of BellaNaija and a myriad of other bloggers.

Now those are Nigerian blogs. What about Dubai blogs? There’s, etc. All these make massive amounts of money.

Considering the foregoing, how can a blogger monetize their blog in Nigeria and in Dubai, or how can a blogger in Nigeria or in Dubai make money with their blog?

How To Make Money with Your Blog in Nigeria and in Dubai

There are several ways you can make money with your blog in Nigeria and in Dubai. And I am going to be discussing the best options. Basically, it has to do with advertisement. So, what I’ll be touching upon below would be the nuances, the specifics. Before you continue reading there are 5 things you must know before you start a blog.

1. Google AdSense

So, the first on my list is Google AdSense. AdSense is a subsidiary of Google and a contextual advertising program. This means they serve internet users ads based on the content they’ve been on. Virtually every blog in Nigeria and in the world uses Google AdSense. Even CNN, BBC, Nigeria’s, UAE’s and a host of other giant websites use them. AdSense is one of the earliest money-making means on the internet, although there are now other various ways to monetize a blog in Nigeria, Dubai and in the world. And while these recent ways are direct and indirect competitions and distracters, Google AdSense is one of the most stable advertising programs you can make money through in Nigeria and Dubai. And they pay relatively well too. Basically, for any Google ad clicked on your blog, you get paid. When the money you make by clicks accumulates to $100, their threshold, you become eligible to make a withdrawal.

Develop your blog to a good extent and register with them. For the record, you want to follow their policies cautiously. And as a rule of thumb, don’t forget AdSense can be very picky and strict. If it isn’t possible to work with them, you should know that there are other contextual advertising programs. Hope you enjoy working with Google AdSense.

2. Self-hosted Ads

So you’ve learnt that you can make some cool money with Google AdSense. Another way to make money directly by running ads yet is by running self-hosted ads. This means you wouldn’t need AdSense, for example, to bring you advertisers. Normally on this one, advertisers come to you. But there are websites that allow you to launch banner ad campaign. Some of such sites are BuySell Ads and Carbon Ads. With self-hosted ads, you get to charge advertisers your way. But this doesn’t mean you can place whatever price tag you please on your various ad banners and positions. You should particularly consider the strength of your blog. If you’re using WordPress, there several self-hosted ad servers to help you manage your ads. Enjoy running your own ads.

3. Sponsored Posts

Generating money directly on your blog without a third party doesn’t end with self-hosted ads. You can also do this by publishing articles by businesses or other blogs on your blog for a price. Businesses do this for various reasons. It could be for traffic or for the soaring of the authority of their websites. When they are doing this for the authority of their websites, they would usually request for a do-follow link. If you’re accepting this, you should be cautious as Google penalizes for it. To stay out of trouble if you’re using WordPress you could through a Yoast link feature mark every outbound link as a sponsored link. Enjoy making money sponsoring posts.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is becoming a household word. It has to do with your working with relevant online shops or businesses by marketing their products and when a sale is made you get a commission. This gets even better when you market products directly related to your blog’s niche as you have more chances of making sales.

So how do bloggers do affiliate marketing? First they register with electronic shops or businesses that supports affiliate marketing. They link a word or group of words in their articles to relevant products on the e-shops with a referral link they’d get on the e-shop or e-business. This link normally drops a cookie into the device of your reader who has click on it. This way, if the reader doesn’t buy the product that day but does so another day, you’d still get your commission. But note that a cookie has a life span (say, 10, 15 or 30 days) as stipulated by the business involved. Once this life span has passed, it means you’d no longer be paid.

Another way bloggers use affiliate marketing is by reviewing products and recommending them for purchase. Don’t forget, you must use the referral link, if you must get paid.


The foregoing means are major ways to make money on your blog in Nigeria, Dubai and in other parts of the world. Of them, Google AdSense is the most popular. Only big websites get substantial demand on self-hosted ads. Making money via sponsored posts is between the foregoing two. Affiliate marketing in my opinion is a specialist thing. You have to be a good affiliate marketer to make good money through it.
Whatever the means you’re using, to make money blogging, you need reasonable traffic. And to get such traffic, you need to be posting articles frequently. Your articles mustn’t have monstrous competitions, or your niche should have less competition. Patience in blogging is virtue, although you must be sure you’re doing the right things. SEO should be in place. Let’s end it here as you go and make some real money.


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