Happy Left Hander’s Day! ‘20 || 5 Annoying questions I’m tired of hearing

Today is August 13, 2020 and it’s the one day in the year where we appreciate left handed people all over the world.

They say left handed people only take up 10% of the total world’s population.

How people become left handed, I honestly don’t really know and I’ve never really questioned it or tried to find out why.

Growing up, I used to get so upset when people would point out my left hand and call me things like “lefty” or whatever. I hated being called that so much and I hated how people made me feel different and I cried my eyes out when someone once told me to “get your dirty left hand out of the pot” when I tried taking food from the pot, but my parents would always point out popular personalities who were left handed which included Barack Obama and that made me so happy.

They always say lefties are so smart and all and I would be feeling myself ehn LOL

I had lots of people who got shocked when they saw me eating, writing and doing other major things with my left hand and of course the question…”You’re left handed?”

And I just smile awkwardly and say yes.

That’s just purely me being polite and all but there are other questions I get asked almost all the time that I’m honestly tired of hearing and answering.

1. How does it feel to be left handed?

You sef see na, is this question not somehow? Aunty/Uncle how does it feel to be right handed? If it’s not strange or foreign to you, why do you think the hand I grew up using majorly would be strange to me?

Don’t ask me this question again.

2. You’re still left handed? Just grow up!

There’s still belief that you should only be left handed when you’re a toddler and you grow out of it and start using your right hand more. And then you’re in your 20’s or 30’s and you’re still left handed so people are telling you to grow up and grow out of it. I really do not like it. It’s not a disease

3. What Hand do you use in the toilet?

Hmmm LOL. You see this question, I hate it so much. It’s like when people realise I’m left handed, they forget that I also have another hand that I can use. If you’re reading this right now, and you know you’ve asked me this question before, you should be ashamed. Have a nice day.

4. Write with your left hand, let me see.

This isn’t a question but it is still a very annoying statement. I don’t know if they’re expecting my handwriting to be trash abi I won’t be able to write English at all. People that tell left handed people to do this, why do you do it exactly? I actually want to know.

5. Why are you bending your book that way?

To write well! It might not be all lefties but most lefties always turn their book almost completely sideways so as to be able to write properly. It’s just comfortable that way so please stop asking me.

Being a lefty is already hard enough in this right handed dominated world as we have a lot of difficulties which makes life as a lefty a pain, so please do not add to it.

Happy left hander’s day to all my fellow lefties!

What’s the worst statement/question you hate hearing as a lefty?

Have you ever been discriminated as a left handed person?

What’s your worst superstition you’ve heard about left handed people?

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  1. Lol I guess it most be really annoying, on the other hand I admire left handers alot! I somehow feel they are special people. Sorry about the name calling and all, the questions are crazy though 😂 Happy left handers day to all left handers.

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