DEC 2022 Life Update + 2022 Review

My previous blog post was my first published blog post on Cup of Tee in over a year, and I mentioned that I was back, and hopefully better, as I told you to expect more consistent blog posts…but that was over a month ago. Oops.

I mentioned that my next post would be a life update post where I’ll share with you all that happened in the past year, and that is what this is, but it would also include bits of what happened towards the end of last year.

Last year, for the first time ever, I wrote down a list of personal goals for 2022. I know I have an old blog post on new year goals, but this one was different; I was dead set on achieving them, and writing them down on my phone was an extra push. 

Out of 17 goals listed, I achieved 4, but honestly- that is a good start. Although I really wanted to accomplish all of them, I already knew it was a long shot.

So, what have I been up to this year? Let’s get into some of it.

December 2022 Life Update: What Have I Been Up To?

1. I Got a Job Right Out Of University:

I previously wrote about my final moments in the university, but I officially graduated in November 2021, and not long after that, I got (what I would’ve called then) my dream job. This job is pretty special to me. I basically manifested it (I wrote it as part of my 2022 goals, and I got hired a couple of days later), and I celebrated one year on the job last week.

2. I Lost a Very Dear Friend:

To be honest, I have never really understood the concept of death, and before this incident, I had only ever cried about one person’s death before. This was the first time in my life that I experienced the death of a friend. Without a proper explanation or goodbyes, I was forced to just deal with his death. I had to deal with the fact that we would never meet again. I cried for months, and honestly, I’m still not over it. But life goes on, right?

3. I Lost My Love For Writing:

To be sincere, my love for writing ended in 2019 for certain reasons, but it took a toll on me this year. After I got hired at my current job and started writing articles in January, I was kind of excited about the new niche, and it reignited my love for writing a tiny bit again. But it soon got extinguished. I’m unsure if it is because I have been feeling a bit burnt out or if I really do not enjoy writing anymore.

I have absolutely hated writing since about March or April this year, and it has been challenging since I have to write weekly articles for my job. Writing has become something I HAVE TO do instead of something I want to do, which is really sad. 

4. Got Into The World Of Crypto, Web3 and DeFi:

Trust me; it was not willingly; it was for work. I really went from not wanting to hear or learn anything about crypto to actually becoming a crypto and web3 writer. Crazy, right?

But sometimes, I enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed it at the start, but remember the last point? Yeah…

5. I Travelled To 3 Countries In Two Weeks:

Out of all the things that happened this year, this was one thing that almost made me start blogging again, but it did not happen. 2022 was the year I started travelling again and even took a big step- I TRAVELLED ON MY OWN. Now, this is a big deal because I NEVER go anywhere on my own. Ask my secondary school friends. I never even used to go to the restroom alone, and don’t ask me why. 

I visited England, Northern Ireland and Ireland this year.

6. Spent Christmas With My Whole Family For The First Time In 9 Years:

With my immediate family scattered across three continents, it has been hard to spend holidays together. But this 2022, we spent Christmas together for the first time since 2013 (I was only 12!) and for the first time in a really long time, Christmas actually felt like Christmas. We exchanged gifts, ate good food, danced and even played games, and it was an amazing day. One of the best days of my life.

So, that’s all I can really remember right now. Pardon me, it’s past 11 PM, and my brain is fried. If I remember any other significant thing that I did/happened this year, I’ll make it a separate blog post. Deal? Cool.

Now let’s get into my review of 2022 in general. Boom

My Review of 2022

When I think of 2022, all I can do is simply smile and thank God, not in a “we sha Thank God I am alive, but it was a nonsense year” way but sincerely. 2022 was my best year ever in a really long time. 

Previous years have not been easy, but in 2022 God said, “relax, you have been through enough. You deserve ease.” And God did this through my amazing partner he brought into my life in 2021 and through different ways to my family and me. 

Every day I scroll through Twitter, I see people complain about how this year was a terrible year where they went through the worst, even people close to me, and I feel guilty for having a fantastic year. Funny, right?

I know I am not meant to think like that, but sometimes I can’t help it. It does not even make me want to express how good this year was. 

2022 was the year of me saying “f*ck it” and going after what I want, and I hope I continue to do that In 2023.

2022 was definitely the year of catching flights AND feelings, and I am super excited for what 2023 holds.

Will I be making a list of goals for 2023? The answer is yes! And I’ll be sharing some of them with you in my next blog post. 

Sincerely, how did this year go?

To stay positive, share your 2022 wins in the comment section below.

4 thoughts on “DEC 2022 Life Update + 2022 Review”

  1. Started this year with things not going the way I planned and I really had to learn how to be patient. Like you said
    “God said relax, you have been through enough. You deserve ease.”
    Halfway through mid year things started going so smoothly,I got a job where I only work twice a week(i loveee it) and many other good blessings.
    I started working out☺️.
    Didn’t really save much as i planned(we go again next year with full force).


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