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Hey guysssss, I’m back again with another blog post! So two days ago I gave my Instagram followers a chance to get to know me better by asking me questions about myself, my blog and any other thing they were curious about. The questions range from issues we are currently facing in the society, to questions about me.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Question No 1: How Do You Manage to Stay Sane this Quarantine period?

I’ll let you know when I find out. But on a serious note, I’m actually not greatly affected by this. I’m always at home even before the pandemic started, so it just seems like a longer holiday. But lowkey I’m already tired Lol

Question No 2: What are your fears?

I’m scared of a lot of things lol. My biggest fears however are failing after trying to hard, disappointing my family and myself and death.

Question No 3: What keeps you motivated?

My motivation comes from people around me and people I look up too (on social media too). Sometimes I think to myself, if they can do it, why can’t I? And also sometimes this weird random adrenaline comes from nowhere

Question No 4: Which do you prefer, wearing wigs or your low cut?

I actually prefer my low cut. Let breeze blow my head very well abeg Lol

Question No 5: Is there a possibility of the lockdown being extended till June?

I hope not, my birthday can’t be ruined by this virus please. But speaking truthfully if we aren’t careful, there’s a possibility. We’ve been on lockdown for two weeks now (another 14 days have been added recently) and it doesn’t even feel like a lockdown because people are still going out freely without a valid reason and they are at risk of getting infected and infecting other people.

Question No 6: Do you believe that the 5G is linked with the corona virus?

No, I do not. People are just being carried away by false news

Question No 7: Are you making money from the blog?

I have started monetising it so if you are interested in growing your brand and reaching a larger audience, don’t hesitate to contact me. Head over to Work With Me

Question No 8: How are you finding the motivation to write blog posts with the current situation?

Well there’s really nothing else to do right now other than sleeping and eating so I have a lot of free time on my hands. I just thought to myself, I might as well publish blog posts. At first it was just to keep me busy but I’m enjoying it again.

Question No 9: Are you finding yourself more inspired during this lockdown?

Yes, I am! With time away from school and school work, I am finally able to relax and focus on myself and other things like blogging.

Question No 10: This is not a question but I loooovveeee your blog posts as they’re so relatable #COTFan

This made me smile so hard. Thank you so much for reading and I’m glad you find my blog posts relatable <3

Question No 11: Mariam why do you eat a lot of junk? And I love your blog keep it up!

This boy really called me by my middle name, no respect on these streets. I just love sweet things :(. And thank you so much!

Question No 12: How do you plan to grow your content

I’m just going to let it flow naturally.

Question No 13: Any future plans for your readers?

I actually have some things I’m working on but it’s a surprise!

Question No 14: Will you start spilling tea like Linda Ikeije

I’m a lifestyle and personal blogger so I’m not really interested in celebrity news and all so no.

Question No 15: When are you publishing your next post?

You’ve not read this one and you are asking for the next one LMAO. But anyway, my next blog post will be up next week! The exact date will be relayed to everyone through my twitter and Instagram (story)

Question No 16: What is your favourite thing to cook?

Can soaking garri be considered as cooking? I actually really don’t like cooking lol

Question No 17: How do you manage school work and your blog?

It’s a challenge actually and I occasionally get overwhelmed and just drop my blog to focus on school work while I’m in school, but sometimes,to be more effective, I usually set out a particular day to write and edit blog posts and publish them.

Question no 18: What inspires you to write? How do you think of such creative ideas?

I’m actually inspired to write by things that happen around me. I can just be laying on my bed playing subway surfers on my phone and I can get a random idea for a blog post and I write it down in my notes app. It happens like that a lot. Other times, I could be inspired by other blogger’s posts, just like This Blog Post which was inspired by fellow blogger, Siainstyle

Question No 19: Do you plan on taking blogging far in future or it’s just a hobby?

Blogging is an escape and a safe zone for me. I see it as my own space on the internet. For if I’m still going to be doing this 30 years into the future, we’ll find out. For now, let’s just enjoy the ride.

Question No 20: Who does your graphics work for you?

I actually do them myself!

Question No 21: I would love to know what ignited your passion for blogging and challenges encountered, if any.

I opened this blog because I love talking. I’m a really shy person and I never make videos of me talking so why not write? I also use this blog as a platform to share my short fictional stories.

Challenges? I’ve encountered a bunch of challenges. Being a blogger in Nigeria isn’t really easy cause of limited things. Imagine rushing to write a blog post and suddenly your phone or laptop battery dies and there’s no light to charge. Ot you want to go somewhere for a particular blog post but you spend 5 hours in Lagos traffic and lose all motivation. It’s hard but it is what it is. I may or may not be planning to write a blog post on dealing with challenges of being a blogger in Nigeria shhhh

Question No 22: What is your favourite thing to write about?

Myself and things I do. One particular series I love writing on is the “First Time” series. The First Time series has to do with things I tried for the first time or places I went to for the first time. Examples are My First Time|| Okpa blog post where I ate the native Igbo food, Okpa, for the first time and First Time Stories||Lagos Island Market where I went to Lagos island Market for the first time.

Question No 23: What was your first pet’s name?

I had a dog named Fera. She’s late but but she was with us for 13 years.

Question No 24: When is your birthday?

My birthday is 9th June

Question No 25: Favourite Food?

I loveeeee pasta. Any type of pasta, I love them all.

Question No 26: Favourite Drink?

Fanta. I really like fanta.

Question No 27: What is your course of study?

I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication

Question No 28: What is your view when it comes to meeting new people?

I am actually horrible at making friends. I don’t mind it but I’m really shy and awkward and not good at carrying conversations.

That’s all! I really appreciate everybody who asked me questions and I’m glad I got the opportunity to answer your questions.

I got a lot of questions and some of them couldn’t be answered here but I answered them on my Instagram story on Monday.

This was really fun to write. Thank you again!

Let me know if you’ll love to see more of this type of blog post.

How are you all doing? Have a wonderful week🖤

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