Interview || “Make i just Dey record this music dey go ‘cause the thing dey sweet me” : Astarlife

If you know me, you’ll know I’m a sucker for supporting creatives. For today’s blog post I spoke to Nigerian artiste, Astarlife. He shared with us details on why he chose to go into music, what he enjoys the most about being a musical artiste and his struggles, which of course includes the new “Twitter aesthetic”, Sapa. “when Sapa comes, the sacrifices” said by Astarlife.

Astarlife is a Nigerian versatile artiste.. Just bring the beat and see him do justice to it.

Astarlife was born in Lagos, Nigeria. Hometown, Osun State, Iwo local government.

He comes from a prestigious family called “Iromini”.

He has two projects out and was featured in a song with Sircat.

Danfo driver by Astarlife

Cry by Astarlife

Energy by Sircat (feat. Astarlife)

You can follow him on all socials @astar_life

What’s your full name and your stage name?

My full name is Iromini Abiodun Adeshina while my stage name is Astarlife

How did you come up with the stage name “Astarlife”?

“A” stands for Abiodun then “star” I really want to be a star in my music.. the “life” was added to make it sound different.. I just said woo “Astarlife” that’s how i started using the name 😪😪

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

I’m versatile actually but i make sure my music has the chilled kinda vibe when it’s related to Afro beat.. most times I’m like “just bring the beat make i vibe” I just flow with the beat honestly.

What got you into music, Who/what inspired you to make music?

So like when i was little I think i was in primary 4 or 5 there was a music studio i usually go download java games from their system to my phone and all of that.. at that time I would sit and see the way they were making music and doing everything.. when i got home i would voice record on my phone and try to sing what they composed at the studio 😂😂 that’s what really inspired me to do music..

Sean tizzle made me love music more honestly listened to his music growing up and i still do… me making music is really how express myself honestly I’m always filled with positivity when recording a new song I wrote.. I really just love music.

What is your creative process like?

I really take my time and do things in segment to arrive at a certain goal.. I don’t know if I’m allowed to speak pidgin..but I no too like to dey rough things I go take my time until the thing make sense

How long does it typically take to write, record and finish a song totally?

What i do is i write my songs send the melodies ahead to my producer then he send the beats then i practice with the beat well well… so when i get to the studio I just record boom! I use 4-5 hours to record.. I retake a verse a lot until the producer is satisfied plus I’m a lazy artiste 😪😪😪

Describe your favorite and least favorite part about being a musician.

My favorite part about being an artiste is i get to express my self through my music.. I always feel free when recording.. least favorite part the stress.. when Sapa comes 😂😂😂.. the sacrifices

What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

I don’t even know how to explain it.. but when ever I’m down and depressed i just listen to my unreleased music.. the “don’t give up” spirit just keeps coming.. I’m not even bothered about blowing up or not. Make i just Dey record this music dey go cause the thing dey sweet me 😪😪

Do you play any instruments?

Nah i don’t play any instruments

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

Making money is my hobby 🥴.. I do music related graphics designing like music cover art, music lyrics video and all that.

Pick your dream team for your next hit song. Pick a producer to produce your song, pick an artiste to sing the chorus and pick another artiste for the hook.

Would pick my producer @bola_BMH … oxlade for chorus while Sean tizzle for hook/bridge.

If you could collaborate with any other A-list artistes, home and abroad, who would it be? You can only choose one

Jon bellion 🥺🥺

Why Jon bellion?

Yo that guy is a musical genius.. Omo he sabi die

Any new projects coming up soon?

Yes definitely would drop something soon nah promotion money i still dey gather Sapa is in the air for now.. 😂

Any words of encouragement for the readers?

Ermm protect your happiness protect your mental health speak to someone when mental health is at stake.. let go of any negativity in your life.. your happiness comes first before any other thing.

It was so much fun getting to know Astarlife and I’m so excited for his future projects and I wish him the best of luck. In the meantime, let me continue jamming to Cry, Danfo Driver and Energy, all by him.

Thank you for reading!

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