5 Things You Need To Consider Before Starting That Blog, Podcast or Youtube Channel

I got lots of great feedback from my last blog post which you can find here, and I thought to myself why not continue with the ”Tips series” since it has helped a lot of people. Through that last blog post, I realised that there are actually lots of people who want to go into content creation but have no idea where to start from.

I have also been seeing lots of people starting blogs, podcasts and youtube channels recently mostly because we are still in the middle of the pandemic and we have a lot of free time.

What I noticed from these people is that most of them just dive into it without much proper thought.

Maybe they are just doing it for the fun of it and might probably drop it after the pandemic is over. But also, what if they are in it for the long haul?

Starting a blog, podcast and YouTube channel seems like so much fun and it is! But there are also some things you need to consider before starting one.

At the end of this post, I put together a list of blogs, podcasts and Youtube channels that have been ”keeping me company” lately and you should check them out too

These tips would not only make your content creation better but it also guarantees you more readers/listeners/viewers/subscribers.

So what do you need to consider?

1. Pick a Niche

There are different Niches from which you can pick from. Examples of niches are; Health and Fitness, Beauty, fashion, Music, Technology, Lifestyle and so much more.

Picking a particular niche will make your content much for focused as you know exactly what you’re doing and it makes it easier to produce content that you have knowledge about. If you pick Health and fitness to be your niche, create content around that subject. You can’t run a podcast on Health and fitness and be talking about Beauty. No, don’t be a confused person and don’t confuse your listeners. They did not sign up for that

2. Define your target audience

Your target audience refers to the particular set of people your content is put out for. Who exactly are you talking to? Who is your content set out to inform, educate and entertain? That’s your target audience.

Finding your target audience, just like picking a niche, will make it easier for you to produce content.

3. Your Brand Identity

What is your brand identity? This has to do with what would make people identify your brand and distinguish it from others. This is very important because it is what makes your brand, you.

4. Plan your content

You’ve picked a niche, you’ve defined your target audience, you’ve put together your brand identity, now it’s time for the most important thing, your content.

After you’ve done all the previous tips, if your content is poor and lacking, your brand is not going to go anywhere.

You want to publish your first blog post, drop the first episode of your podcast, put up your first youtube video, but what exactly do you want to talk about? Think about that well

The first thing you do post on all these platforms is usually an introduction. This introduction will tell your audience who you are, what your brand is about and what they should expect from you.

But after that goes up, what do you do next?

There will come a time where you run out of ideas on what to post. That’s why proper planning is important.

There are many websites on the internet that can help you with this. Just simply type into google ”Lifestyle blog post ideas” or ”Ideas for a youtube video” and so on and you see results. As simple as that.

Planning your content also has to do with proper scheduling and knowing when your new post is going up. You could post once a week, twice a week, one every two weeks or even once a month.

Knowing exactly what you’re going to post, when you’re going to post it and other details is very important and will take you a long way.

5. Let’s goooooo

You’ve got it all figured out now, now launch it and have fun.

I only added this last point because the title of this blog post sounds and looks better with the number 5 🙂

That’s it! After doing all this, you’re well on your way to becoming a successful creative.

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  1. Nice article. When creating content, it is also essential to take into consideration keywords associated with the niche and also SEO. That helps in ensuring organic views on one’s platform/channel.

  2. Lest I forget, I love the setting of your blog and your contents are rich and creative… I’m hoping to start mine soonest. Thanks 😊

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