5 Nigerians Share Their Best Self-Care Practices


Self-care is something that we should all take time out to indulge in, in order to live a happier life. Like the word itself says, self-care simply means taking care of yourself, and that can be done in various ways through various activities.


What Is Self-Care and Why Is It Important?

According to Wikipedia, self-care is a process of taking care of oneself with behaviours that promote health and active management of illness when it occurs.

According to Southern New Hampshire University, engaging in a self-care routine has been clinically proven to reduce or eliminate anxiety and depression, reduce stress, improve concentration, minimize frustration and anger, increase happiness, improve energy and more.



Just like in this blog post, I’m inviting other people into my online space by allowing them to contribute to this article. I spoke to my family and friends and they each shared their best self-care practices.

1. Toni

For the best self-care practice, I have learnt booking massages every month works for me. It’s a time I get pampered and the glass of Prosecco makes it even better. I also book a spa resort weekend away annually as I think it is great for my mental health.

2. Timi

My self care routine is simple- I take my space and enjoy my own company and I clear up my schedule for the day, I wake up and take a hot shower and wash and condition my hair and then make myself a big ass breakfast then proceeded to chill and watch a good series for most of the day (preferably Gotham) while eating good food (preferably jollof rice, plantain, and oven baked chicken) and then head out for drinks with my guys later in the evening. I’m very low maintenance.

3. Wura

Self care to me looks like shopping, traveling,fine dinning, Sometimes it’s as simple as saying no. One thing I’ve learnt is I’m a giver but if I don’t take time out to care for myself I won’t be able to care for others. An empty cup can’t pour into another cup. Self care is doing what makes you happy. It’s doing what’s best for YOU in every situation.

4. Ruth

Hi, my name is Ruth and I wanna share with you about my best self-care practices. One thing I love is a good day of self-care, and it’s a stress-free day for me, one that I take to relax, meditate, and just take care of my overall health. I usually start my day with a podcast, it’s called “The Wake Me Up Podcast”, it’s a guided morning meditation podcast that helps me start the day off right. I also practice Yoga, it improves my energy and helps me to be productive throughout the day. It also allows me to manage my stress and relieve the tensions that I have accumulated during the week. My last personal care practice for the day, which happens to be my favorite, is to relax and do my skincare at night. I set the mood by playing some calm/chill music (usually Sabrina Claudio) and then I light some candles as well, maybe throw in a glass of wine sometimes. I have had problematic skin since I was a teenager which is why I practice my skincare religiously and have learned to really love and enjoy it. After an awesome day of just taking care of myself, I feel refreshed, energized, and I’m just ready to go on with my week and be productive. I encourage everyone to incorporate at least one self-care practice every day, or at least every week, as it can help not only your physical health, but your mental and emotional health as well.

5. Daniel

Well, personally, my self-care is different. On some days it’s simply the rays of the sun on my face or the smell of wet earth after it rains. On some days, it’s a lot of junk food and my laptop. Most days it’s a good book, one so good that I can basically taste it. The only constant thing about my self-care is music. I never feel sane without music and whatever work I plan to do, I always make sure I play something. It is why I have multiple playlists. I have songs to get me out of every mood I’m in.


How Can You Practice Self Care?

You can practice self-care by simply doing activities that make you feel good and healthy. Eat a good meal, do yoga and do lots of other things. You can check out this article by Pure Wow on “50 Totally Free Ways to Practice Self-Care at Home

Have you ever put much though into self-care and self-care practices?

How do you practice self-care?

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