4 Tips To Improve Your Balance in School and Blogging

Slowly, schools are opening back up and we are about to get thrown back into the world of crazy schedules and deadlines for school work.

Staying consistent with your blog is also something important to you. Juggling both school work and blogging might be difficult but do you want to know how you can make it easier? keep reading

Note: This also works for working-class bloggers who want to balance having a job and blogging part-time.

1. Write blog posts ahead of time

There are different types of bloggers when it comes to writing blog posts. There are some that write, edit and publish immediately, on the same day. And there are others who write on one day, edit on the same day or another day and publish another day. Whichever one works for you, go for it. But in my experience, i’ll advise you to choose the latter. Spacing out your time from writing to publishing enables you to work better and produce high quality results and you do not have to be in a rush. Some times when you write and publish in a day, it is more likely for your article to contain errors. When in school and you have classes to attend, it would make more sense to write during your spare time, after you are done writing, do some school work, if no school work, i suggest you rest or engage in other activities.

2. Plan Content Ahead

You can plan your content ahead by using a content calendar. in your content calendar, you should include the title of your blog posts that you have planned out to publish and when you want to publish them. It should also include any form of marketing you want to do and what platforms plus other useful information. Having a content calendar makes it easier for you to know what blog post you want to publish and when you want to publish them. Note that it will be better if you have multiple blog posts planned out, even if you haven’t written them yet.

3. Schedule!

Scheduling is also very important. If you make use of WordPress, you might have noticed the scheduling tool where you pick a date and time for your blog post to publish without you even being on the app/website. It even posts automatically without a WiFi or mobile data connection. So this is something you should definitely make use of especially if it’s a period that you are busy with schoolwork or classes.

4. Take a break

This is also really important. Sometimes, things can get pretty overwhelming. School is not easy at all. So please feel free to take a break from blogging and focus on school. This is also quite important if you are writing tests or examinations. I recently went on a brief break, which I announced on my Instagram, because of my examinations. With the break, I was able to focus fully on my examinations.

That’s it! With these four tips, I can guarantee that you will not only be able to balance both your school work and blogging, but it would also produce good results in both aspects of your life.

To everyone going back to school, good luck and please stay safe.

Do you have any other tips you will like to contribute? Please let us know down in the comment section!

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