3 Ways to Support Your Fellow Creatives

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Thriving as a creative, especially in Nigeria, is not easy at all. Some days you are so happy with the content you put out and the success that comes with it, but some days you hate everything and wonder why you even got into it in the first place.

Nobody understands the struggles of a creative, more than a fellow creative.

When you stop seeing yourselves as competition, people in the same industry tend to flourish together.

A little support can go a long way.

Before we proceed, check out these amazing photographs by Senithegrapher below

So how do you support your fellow creatives? Let me highlight three major things you can do.

1. Engage With their content

To engage with their content, you can do little things like liking their pictures/videos on social media, leaving a comment on social media or other places (such as their blogs or websites), leaving reviews, sharing their content and so much more.

2. Share their content

Sharing a creative’s content goes a long way. When you share their content on your personal page, it enables other people (such as your followers or even more) to see and it and also engage with it. If a blogger sends you a link to their new blog post, please do share it (share it on your WhatsApp status, your twitter, your Instagram and everywhere else if possible).

3. Collaborate

Collaboration is a good way to support each other’s creative work. A blogger or content creator could collaborate with a photographer or videographer so produce photo or video content. With this collaboration, the photographer/videographer posts his work (which has the blogger/content creator as the muse) on his page and tags the content creator and also vice versa.

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having an amazing week. Thank you so much for reading

How do you feel about interacting with a creative’s work? (Note: you do not know this person personally)

What’s the best way to show your support to a creative?

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