3 Ways To Get Back Into What You Love Doing

Hey guys! How are you all doing today? I’m back again with a new blog post. This blog post is quite special to me cause it helped me a lot personally so I decided to share a bit of advice to people who, like me, have been struggling with continuing what they love doing. It could be writing, sports, exercising, anything at all!

It gets to a stage where a little break turns to you completely abandoning your hobby or a project. It could be due to a lack of confidence in your work or just laziness. Mine was both.

At the beginning of last year, I wrote a blog post on my goals for the year 2019 (which you can find here) and on that list, I mentioned books I was writing and I hoped to finish last year. Well, I’m still writing those books.

It was due to a combination of lack of inspiration, laziness and I was just getting a bit overwhelmed by everything so I took a break (well a lot of breaks)

To be honest I was lowkey deceiving myself with those “breaks” cause I wasn’t really doing anything with it and I definitely wasn’t relaxing. I was constantly overthinking. “Do I still want to do this?” “Do I even know what I’m doing?” “I’m not as good at writing as I thought”

It was just a rollercoaster of emotions and self-doubts.

About a month ago, with the whole lockdown situation, I decided to do something to keep myself busy so I got back into writing and I took yet again another break. But this break is different

With this break, I decided to do these following things, which is what you probably clicked on this blog post for.

So what did I do? Let’s get into it;

1. Research:

I finally accepted the truth that I do not know it all and I decided to learn from others. I did this by watching YouTube videos on fiction writing. This adds to my already existing knowledge. Learning how to develop characters and how to use language effectively.

I also started reading books again. A writer should also be a reader. One day I’m going to talk about the books I read (currently reading).

So, learn from other people. Do your research on your field. You can never stop learning.

2. Check out your previous work:

There’s no doubt that checking out your previous work, in a way, improves your confidence.

You reflect on what you’ve done before and maybe you might not think of yourself as a total failure. You think to yourself, “if I did this, why can’t I continue?”

Looking back makes you see how far you’ve come but you shouldn’t linger too much on your previous work. That leads us to the last point.

3. Just Do It:

Just go for it. Don’t overthink, just do it. Overthinking leads to self-doubt which ruins a lot of things. Don’t ruin things for yourself by doing such. Do you want to write that book? Go for it. Do you want to release an album? Get singing and recording. Do you want to start a blog? Do it!

Of course, proper planning is essential before you dive into things. But don’t spend too much time planning and not carrying out those plans. Sometimes, think less, just do it.

These points apply to a lot more things than just writing a book. If you think about it well, you can apply them to just about anything.

What do you want to start or continue doing? Do your research, look back on your previous work to reassure yourself and see how far you’ve come, then just do it.

If you need anybody to talk to, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. Leave a comment below and my social media page will be provided where we can talk more in-depth.

If you found this post helpful, do not hesitate to share with your family and friends

Thank you for reading!

0 thoughts on “3 Ways To Get Back Into What You Love Doing”

  1. Really helped a lot…
    I’ve been quite overthinking on things just recently which was slowly ruining one’s self-esteem…
    Well… It’s never late to get back up and brace up for coming challenges

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  4. This couldn’t have been said better! I also went through a phase very similar to yours last year. I stopped writing, singing, making music, and being all-around creative, and the points you put out here were precisely what helped pull me out.

    Surrounding yourself with your type of art can really spark up that creativity within. I remember when I’d go to YT and watch a ton of spoken word videos and then feel that deep nudge to write a piece.

    And then when I’d read my previous blog posts, I’d get so inspired, then I’d share it and get heart-warming feedback😄

    Then the last point. Just doing it. That was and still is a work in progress because I can be an extensive planner and meticulous. But God will keep helping us😁

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Can’t wait for more 🥰

    P.S (I’m a newbie here, excited to join this community)

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