3 Nigerian Bloggers I Look Up To

To be honest, blogging has not been easy and I’ve had a bit of a struggle juggling my final year in the University and blogging consistently- but these three bloggers- without them even knowing, have helped me keep my head up high and I am so grateful to them.

When I feel least motivated, I go to their blogs and read their latest articles and I always get the ginger to finally write.

I decided to share these three bloggers with you so you can check them out and their blogs! You might even recognize one of them from a previous blog post of mine.

1. SiaInStyle

Sanita Ifeoma Amadi (SIA) is a Lagos-based fashion and lifestyle blogger and social and digital media director. She is an amazing blogger with an amazing sense of style and of course a beautiful aesthetically pleasing Instagram page that I find myself lost on for hours on end in a day. On her blog, she shares different content on fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

2. Ijeoma Kola

Ijeoma is a Nigerian-American Kenyan based blogger who produces content on fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle. She shares with us different aspects of her life as an entrepreneur, a wife and a mother. She is a big supporter of black businesses and on her blog, she shares different tips and tricks and informative content on different topics.

3. Mimie Jay

Mimie Jay is a Nigerian Dubai-based beauty blogger and YouTuber. She is a makeup artist and on her blog, she focuses on the beauty niche as she shares content on beauty and lifestyle. From beauty hacks to skincare to makeup tutorials, tips and tricks, to makeup and skincare product reviews, all things beauty, she’s your person.

DO you have a favourite blogger?

What is your favourite blogging niche?

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