3 Easy Ways To Find Inspiration For Writing

You’re seated at your desk, being haunted by the blank white screen or blank sheet of paper in front of you with no idea what to put down. Happens to the best of us. There are different ways to find inspiration for writing.

Inspiration is all around us, you just have to know where to look.

In today’s blog post, I’m highlighting 3 easy ways to find inspiration for your next article!

1. Twitter.

Lots of things happen on twitter daily which spark up conversations, you can pick a topic you are interested in and write on it. It could be an article where you are giving your opinion on the topic or it could be an open article where you are soliciting opinions from other people.

2. Other Publications and Articles

This is a great way to get inspiration to write. This does not mean you should go and copy another person’s article to publish on your own site, but instead, you can put your own twist to it and also include a backlink to that article. There are various articles on the internet that include multiple topics of public interest so feel free to browse through. My favourite to browse through for inspiration are Zikoko Magazine and Vogue Magazine. My favourite blogs I get inspiration from can be seen in this blog post.

3. Around You

Most of my blog posts were brought about by conversations I had with people and I just thought to myself, “I’m going to write about this”. I even have people who approach me and tell me to write about a particular thing. Take time and pay attention to conversations you have with people, especially conversations that you know people have much interest in and will want to read about, then turn them into articles and share!

Writing becomes easier when you are filled with inspiration.

All these are simple ways to find inspiration to write your next article, whether on your blog, on a magazine, on a newspaper or anywhere really!

Now, try these out and I’m sure that blank white screen is going to be filled up with content in no time.

Where is your favourite place to get inspiration to write?

Have you ever gotten an idea for an article from Twitter before?

Let me know down in the comment section!

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