When I Grow Up…

While growing up, children always talked about what they wanted to be when they grow up. You know the usual, doctors, lawyers and astronauts.

Their parents would smile fondly at them and encourage them

Mine was a little different.

I did not get the same warm reception when I announced to my family that I wanted to be a police officer.

My mum exclaimed, “God forbid! My son cannot be a police officer. Not when I am alive”

As a five year old child, I did not understand what mummy meant. What does ‘alive’ mean?

Of course my curious mind asked for their reasons to their objections, but all I got was “God forbid!” once again from mummy.

Daddy finally interrupted and tried to inquire about my decision to become a police officer when I grew up.

“Tomi, why do you want to be a police officer? You want to protect your land and the citizens?”

I scrunched my face in confusion as I had no clue what he was talking about.

“No daddy, I just want to shoot people”

My parents’ mouths fell open as they exclaimed in unison, “AHHH!”

Despise their objections, I grew up to be what I wanted to be, after I figured out the true depth of my passion

An armed robber.

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