4 Tips and Tricks That Are Guaranteed to Help You Save Money While in School

So summer’s officially over and it’s back to school time!

One problem all students have in common is saving money. Most of us get monthly allowances that somehow goes for vanishing before two weeks and we are stuck soaking garri till the next month.

Saving money should definitely be a priority.

Some save money for a particular thing, the rainy day or generally just flex money

Today I’m going to help your lives by giving you all ideas and tips on how you can successfully cut down costs and save money!

1.Open Another Bank Account Strictly For Saving:

One way to save money is to open another bank account in a different bank and put money there. Little or large amounts. For example you could put #200 in your account every week and at the end of the month you would have #1000

If you want, you can increase the amount you put in every month and In a couple of months, you would notice that you’ve actually saved an impressive amount of money.

Note: You can also download money saving apps like Piggyvest or Cowrywise.

Piggyvest is available for IOS and Android
Cowrywise is available for IOS and Android

2.You don’t need to eat out every time

Yes, as a student it must be exhausting cooking every time cause you most likely have to go for classes and you’ll probably be exhausted when you get back. But if you notice how much you spend on a single plate of food every time you eat out and you weigh it with the amount it takes to cook your own meals, you’ll see that it’s kinda wise to just use that money to cook your own food instead.

Note: This point only applies to students that are allowed to cook in their various schools.

3.Only buy necessary things please

It’s a new month and allowance has entered, let’s flex! No sis (sis is gender neutral please LOL)

Before you buy that thing, think to yourself, do you really need it? Will you die if you don’t have it? Will it affect your life if you don’t buy it now? If no, please drop it.

There’s this certain joy and spirit that comes into us when money enters our account that we start thinking we are Dangote’s godchildren. Stop it and save it

4.Stop counting money when you’re angry

Yes, that’s all.

Don’t test me

Well that’s enough wisdom for today!

Do you have trouble saving money?

Do you have any tips and tricks for saving money while in school? Please share down in the comment section!

Does your school allow you to cook your own meals?

Do you use Piggyvest or Cowrywise? What’s your experience with them?

Let’s chat down in the comment section!

Thank you for reading ❤

8 thoughts on “4 Tips and Tricks That Are Guaranteed to Help You Save Money While in School

  1. Nice tips. When I was in school, there was no digital bank for saving money so if you wanted to save, you had to open a fixed savings account. That way, you won’t be able to make withdrawals till a stipulated date.

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