My First Time|| Okpa

This is another blog post on the “My First Time” series! You can check out the first one here: First Time Stories || Lagos Island Market

So I tried Okpa for the first time!

Okpa is a traditional Nigerian food popular among the Igbo tribe in the eastern part of Nigeria.

Okpa is made using the Bambara nut flour.

Bambara Nut
Bambara Nut
Bambara Nut Flour
Bambara Nut Flour

I had previously seen pictures of Okpa on the internet and what first came to my mind was “moi moi”. It basically looks like moi moi to be honest.

So one day my friend asked if I had ever eaten Okpa and I was like no, I haven’t.

She got really excited and told me she had the flour used to make it, that is the Bambara nut flour.

I’m all for trying new food so I actually got really excited too and I looked forward to it.

Fast forward a couple of days, I came back from school and I decided to take a nap. I was woken up by the sound of my friend doing God knows what, in the kitchen. I got up and made my way to the kitchen where I saw her mixing things into a bowl and I realized, SHE WAS FINALLY MAKING OKPA! 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

She finished mixing the batter thing ish (LOL) and put them into small transparent nylons and put them into the pot on fire filled with boiling water.

We waited for about 45 minutes and it was done!

Okpa is done!
Okpa cut in half

So I had it along with soaked garri but apparently you can eat it with different foods like rice, bread and even pap (Ogi or Akanmu)

If I’m to rate it, I’ll give it a 6/10

Is there any local food you would like me to try for the first time and write about it? Let me know down in the comments!

Have you ever had Okpa?

Did you like it?

Let me know down in the comment section!

15 thoughts on “My First Time|| Okpa

  1. Okpa! Okpa!

    This is native to the Igbos and some people find it ridiculous that I dislike this yellowish popular eastern “snack”. I remember visiting Enugu & being faced with starvation because Okpa is their “trademark”. Not for me !!

    Beautiful post sis 😋
    I will pass it on to someone in need of the recipe

    Liked by 1 person

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