Letter To Us|| Self-Love and Self-Worth

We likely know at least one person whose self-worth is measured by their income and material possessions. In essence, people who measure their self-worth by net worth never feel “valuable enough”. This is very rampant lately, especially with the younger generation.

Your self-worth is a complete process of how you value and respect yourself.

Keep discovering yourself every day.

Learn something new every day.

Remember to recognize what you are best at.

You are good at something.

It could be cooking, singing, doing puzzles and many others!

Give yourself a challenge and you will make it.

Build positive relationships.

Learn to accept mistakes and be assertive.

Be kind to yourself because you are important, loved, valuable, great, priceless, beautiful, a star, amazing, special, unique, accepted and WANTED.

Stop paying attention to negative experiences. Start loving and trusting yourself completely.

The journey to self-love is a long, rocky road but it’s not impossible.

By Saliu Amina

Instagram: @blac_girl

2 thoughts on “Letter To Us|| Self-Love and Self-Worth

  1. Nice article. Self-worth comes from personal satisfaction and conviction. No matter one’s wealth status, if he or she is at peace with himself or herself, the maximum level of self-worth has been attained.


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