First Time Stories || Lagos Island Market

How come I haven’t given you guys this gist??

Anyways, better late than never right?

I’m taking ya’ll back to exactly a week ago.

Your girl went to Lagos island market for the first time in her life (with mum of course)

Omo you guys, never again.

The journey started from when my mum decided she didn’t want to drive and wanted us to enter public transportation.

The ride there was smooth until one man stood up and wanted to “polowo oja” -meaning advertise his goods.

He sold everything from living balm, aloe Vera something, antibiotics tablet to even sweet that cures malaria (my mum pinched me when he said that LOL)

Fast forward…we arrived at the market ghen ghen

I always hear stories of people’s trip to Lagos Island market and the madness that goes on there. I finally experienced it live and direct.

It was so crowded oh my daysss. I couldn’t breathe fr.

Before you walk from one shop to another and about 5 people have touched you saying “fine girl, fine girl”

What is wrong with people???

One guy was just chasing us with his goods after telling him repeatedly that we are not buying.

Before I knew it, we were surrounded by about 6 guys shoving their goods in our faces.

I was frustrated you guys. And I didn’t even know where my mum and I were walking to.

The amount of times I was grabbed, I started to regret wearing a white shirt and blue jeans.

I was tempted to yank my wig off my head and change it for anybody that touches me next but I didn’t want to receive insults from them abeg💔

It got to the point that my mum had to tell me to walk in front her. I didn’t like that tbh, cause I couldn’t see her well and I didn’t want to start looking for my mummy in Lagos market abeg.

I had to be using side eye to be looking at her behind me.

I think people clocked that I was new to the busy market lifestyle they started to call me “Omo mummy”

I didn’t even care, I just wanted to go home.

Well we finally escaped the madness and entered bus to go home

We got home safely and throughout that day all I was saying was “Never again”

Tell me your craziest experience(s) at the market down in the comment section!

Don’t forget to share🖤


8 thoughts on “First Time Stories || Lagos Island Market

  1. We usually that place ‘Eko’ that’s the real Lagos, because it’s always crowded damn! My mum made it mandatory for us to go every December, and trust me it’s not a nice experience and will never be 😥
    The last time I went was few weeks back. Went with a friend, and we didn’t even know where to get what we wanted lol. We were just parading Balogun Market. Those guys did their thing too. But we can’t stop going, because that’s where we can get variety of things at a very affordable price 😎

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  2. That market is too crowded honestly. People will always touch you and it’s easy to be stolen from. It’s always good to know where exactly you’re going before entering that place.

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      1. Lool and you dare not be thicc. Those boys will follow you to the end of the world. Now that I think about it, you’re lucky you were with your mum

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