I SHAVED MY HEAD! ||I Got No Ragrets?

Disclaimer: No, the title of this blog post is NOT a mistake. Big ups to you if you get the joke there ; )

Oh yeah so I haven’t really gotten a good picture of me with my haircut so enjoy the slightly low quality video screenshots🖤

I made the big decision to shave off all my hair! And I’ve never felt so good

Me and hair, not a good pair.

Some of you might not know but I actually used to be on low cut back in my secondary school days from Jss2-Ss2

I decided to grow my hair again because I thought I didn’t want to be on low cut when I enter the university cause I wanted to be a big girl. LEEMAOOOO to that.

I really do not like growing my hair. It’s stressful. And with this off and on heat in Ife, I’m better with a bald head.

So I woke up last Saturday morning with the mindset of shaving my head. Showered, got dressed and headed out with my brother. My brother hooked me up ya’ll

I got my own barber and all.

As I sat in that barber shop, with the yellow apron thingy around me, staring at my reflection in the mirror as the barber brought the large scissors to my head, not once did I think i was making a mistake.

As he brought the clipper to my hair and shaved all of my hair off, you guyssss the breeze. So boys, you mean to tell me that you have been harboring this heavenly breeze all to yourselves???

I was just smiling guy.

Joy inna me hart

It felt like I could finally think freely.

As I’m writing this blog post now, breeze is still blowing my brain.

Joy joy joy! In my heart I’m singing 🎤

When I got home after my haircut, you best believe I got the African parents “now you look more responsible” treatment 😐

So I don’t think I’ll be growing my hair back anytime soon.


For the gyaldem have you ever considered getting a haircut??

Mandem, girls on lowcut or long hair and why?

16 thoughts on “I SHAVED MY HEAD! ||I Got No Ragrets?

  1. Nice look dear😍 i love itt
    Was considering cutting my hair too but then rethinking it I said NO… But I’ll still cut it las las

    Liked by 1 person

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