Student Life|| SOLO CUZ YOLO

Today, I’m here to rant!

I had the most annoying week last week.

Two words; G R O U P W O R K

So in my public speaking class, my lecturer grouped us into different groups and asked us to write a speech presentation on the topic he gave us. My group topic was Citizen Journalism and the Practice Of Modern Journalism.

I have come to hate group assignments with every being in me. I’m the type of person that prefers to work alone because I don’t really do well with other people’s opinions in my school work.

And the worst part of group assignments; when you’re the only one who is active and putting effort. But in my case, only two and a half people were active members out of 7! Yes I meant half

Imagine my frustration

And alsoooo if I am told to write a presentation on a topic, I really hate internet copy and paste work.

And guess what, that’s exactly what these people wanted to do.

Oh Lord. O ja mi lara je (insert that Funke man meme)

You can’t give me an internet copy and paste work to submit that would cost half of my grade (Please I reject any spirit of carryover)

And even guess what, I’m the speaker LOL

I really don’t even mind being the speaker since I aced my public speaking speech presentation last semester (i made a blog post about it which you can read here)

So I guess I’m getting good at this public speaking thing. Stage fright semi-gone

So how can my group members give me Internet PDF copy and paste and expect me to read it and present it.

The lecturer even hates stolen internet work.

I know what most of you are thinking; mama just get it from the internet jor no dey stress yourself

It’s not like I love to stress myself. I’m a strong advocate of the babygirl lifestyle till I die, but I really cannot read and understand PDF work, it has to be in my own language and understanding so as to be comfortable presenting it.

This blog post up to this point was written on Saturday 18th May 2019


So I literally just presented now. I was shaking but it still went really well. Thank God

Group presentations? Never again

Do you enjoy group assignments?

Tell me your experiences on group presentations/assignments

13 thoughts on “Student Life|| SOLO CUZ YOLO

  1. I actually do hate group assignments because of the stress the comes with it, the group meetings we have to attend to get the assignment done. I don’t like presentation either, because i’m always so scared. Love your blog posts Tee…

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  2. It’s funny you posted this, cause your tiyin literally told me the same thing today complaining how group work has the tendency to bring her grade down 😂😂It’s safe for to say she feels your pain

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  3. Phewww!!! I really understand your panicky situation. However, you have to try to learn to work in a team because it is a skill needed in almost all professions/occupations, journalism included. It may not be quite easy especially for a person who likes things done spick and span but hey, nothing is impossible. It’s a good thing that you’re aware that plagiarism is intellectual theft. Also, do hyperlink your reference to the previous presentation so people can easily navigate to it from this post. Cheers.

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  4. Nice piece. Unequal participation is one of the disadvantage of group work, above all it help build your team spirit. More group presentation to come😊

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