Support your friends! | | OUI Fashion Exhibition and Photography Takeover 2019

So last week Friday, 10th May 2019, a fashion show was organized in my school. It included a trade fair where students brought different products to sell, a face painting section, music and dance performances and also a runway show.

I dragged myself out of bed to go and support my very good friend who exhibited her clothing collection during the fashion runway show.

This was actually the first school event I’ve gone for this second year and I actually don’t regret it.

• I got my face painted (inspired by Osas the King)

• I bought a parfait (my tooth almost fell out but I couldn’t stop cause it was so good)

• I enjoyed the display of goods (although I didn’t buy anything cause I didn’t really plan for that)

• I also enjoyed the side attractions such as the performances by students themselves

It was an event to display your talent and I love how the photographers were also students. So much creativity in one place!

This event made me realize the importance of supporting your friends.

Normally, I wouldn’t have bothered to get dressed and leave the comfort of my hostel but since my friend was part of the event, I thought why not go and show my love and support.

Although I waited for about 4 hours till her collection walked down the runway, it was worth it because I got the chance to see other collections by other truly talented fashion designers (also Students!)

Every single piece I saw were amazing. I didn’t get any pictures of other collections but take my word for it.

I realized on Friday that supporting your friends’ craft(s) is one of the best things you can do. You should be able to push your friends to do greater things.

As I saw her models walk down the runway wearing her beautiful collection, with the crowd shouting in admiration, I felt like a proud mother for real. I stood at the end of the runway with the photographers as I was ready to take a picture with my phone.

I literally couldn’t stop smiling because I saw the beautiful result of a stress filled week of waking up as early as 6 am to cut and measure clothes. Her stress not mine.

Soooooo moral of the story since this is a last minute blog post, support your friend’s hustle!

What’s the sweetest thing your friend has done for you?

4 thoughts on “Support your friends! | | OUI Fashion Exhibition and Photography Takeover 2019

  1. Thanks so much for your support i really appreciate…you have shown me the true meaning of friendship God bless u…. Nice blog post by the way

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