Warning: This can be triggering to some certain individuals. Read with caution.


I am a prisoner of my own thoughts

Voices in my head dictate my every move

I can’t shut them out

I overthink

Not by my own will

The timing of my life is different from the rest

Because opportunities pass me by before the demons in my head can come to a decision

I just want it to stop

I want to end it all

I walked slowly, barefoot on the cold sidewalk as I overlooked the cold water below the bridge

The voices in my head telling me to go for a swim

My hand gripped the iron bars of the bridge

I don’t want to

But the demons keep telling that it is not as bad as it seems

But it’s cold

No it’s not

I hoisted myself up onto the edge of the bridge

It’s a long way down

It’ll be over before you know it


I can’t seem to move my hands and my legs

I’m not trying to

I can’t breath

I don’t want to

I looked up as I sunk to the bottom of the large body of water

I’m not scared

I’m not in pain

I’m about to know something none of you don’t

Suddenly, I can no longer hear the voices in my head

They are gone

I have finally come face to face with death

And it’s such a pretty picture

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