Life of a Lagosian: 5 Things you must know while living in Lagos.

Throughout my entire life in Lagos (born and bred), being an “omo get inside” child, I never really had the FULL experience of a Lagosian. Well that changed eversince I entered Uni. And I don’t even school in Lagos sigh.

Throughout My first year, I was always picked up and dropped in school. That changed this second year. My “butter” self is slowly fading away oh.

I got back from school (end of first semester break) last Wednesday and I actually used public transport. Like me. Tanto. Came back home alone. From Ile-Ife (Osun state) to Lagos. ALONE!

Was I low key scared? Not at all. I was HIGH KEY terrified.

Anyone that knows me should know that this is actually a big deal to me. Like I’m a big girl now. Before I entered Uni, I never even left my house. If I was to go somewhere, my mum or dad drops me there and picks me up (used to feel embarrassed saying this but I don’t even care anymore). It was that bad

My dad said, now I am truly a Uni student. He goes on and on about how he always made the same journey back when he was still in the University.

Throughout the journey I got to see and experience the real Lagos life.

 Guys, Lagos is too crowded and very noisy. As we entered Lagos, a sudden headache just rushed me.

Oh did I mention that I entered a danfo for the first time in my life LOL.

My life is a Nollywood movie


My eyes are clear now. And with my travel experiences and also some I already knew before entering Uni (common guys I wasn’t totally oblivious to everything. I do go out once in a while yunno), I have compiled 5 Things you must know while living in Lagos!

1. Know when to change from“class” to “crase”:

Although I do not know how things work onthe island as I have never lived there. But as a mainland person, I can relateto this first point very well.

You might be dressed in a cute/classy suit, ready for work or just a bomb ass outfit to chill and kill then suddenly one random person wants to do anyhow to you. My guy you better know how to change it for him sharply. It is not every time prim and proper. The knowledge of pidgin (broken English) is necessary not only in Lagos but in Nigeria as a whole

Please I’m not saying that you should do oversabi and fight. I don’t like violence abeg. I only have mouth but I can use it

2.  Always enter a danfo with your change:

In case you do not know, a danfo is that yellow with black stripes bus you see all around Lagos for public transportation.

When entering the buses to go anywhere,please enter with change- meaning that, the money you wish to give the bus conductor/driver let it be the exact amount of money going to your destinationcosts.

Those people almost never have change. If you usually use public transportation, you would hear something like “wolepelu change e oh” which means- enter with your change oh. So please brothers and sisters, to avoid delay, wole pelu change e oh!

3. There is always Traffic jam EVERYWHERE:

Unless you do not leave your house at all,there is no way you won’t know about the calamity we are facing in this state.Everywhere is blocked!

Please if you are going to a far distance;leave your house or wherever you are coming from as early as possible!

You can spend more than 5 hours in Lagos traffic. Like for real. Especially if you are going from the mainland to the island or vice versa.  To avoid delay, leave early to get to your destination on time. This is legit one of the reasons I dislike going anywhere. It’s one of the main problems we face in Lagos. Sad.

4. Have at least a little knowledge of Yoruba Language:

Although Lagos is referred to as“everybody’s state”, Yoruba is still the most spoken language here.

Even though you are not of Yoruba descent,you should at least know one or two words in the language. This is quitenecessary for normal day to day activities e.g. negotiating in the market orbuying something generally from a market.

You should know things like greetings inYoruba, insults (cause let’s be honest, you’ve never had a situation where youare with people who are clearly talking about you in another language but youknow for sure that they’re insulting you) among others.

5. Have the skill of negotiation:

If you are a person who lives in Lagos anddoes not know how to negotiate prices even just a little bit- wait… are therepeople like that really?

You should have the basic skill of pricenegotiation because let’s face it, we are all hustlers here trying to make aliving so you shouldn’t really blame sellers for putting high prices on theirgoods/services. But let’s be honest, some prices are just ridiculous.

A product that’s supposed to sell for N700you are selling it for N1500 Haba! Fear God.

You need to know how to haggle prices so asto not be cheated in this Lagos.

If a seller sees you as a JJC i.e. JohnnyJust Come (meaning a new person that doesn’t know anything), they can just callan over exaggerated price for a product and you’ll just purchase it like thatknowing fully well that, that price is hilarious all in the name of being a “no wahala” person.

My brother/sister price that thing from N1500 to N500 if you can

.But please consider the seller and don’t “over-price” LOL (Shout out to our lovely Nigerian mothers)

Do you live in Lagos? Do you like it here?

If no, have you ever been to Lagos?

What’s your favorite thing about Lagos?

What’s the craziest/most interesting thing you’ve experienced in Lagos?

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