The Turning Point

Have you ever been stuck at a point? Where you feel you’re imprisoned in your own body and a slave to your emotions?

That’s how Mike felt. For the most part of his life, he has been the outcast, the castaway, the rejected one.

He wasn’t born with a disability or anything, actually he was perfectly normal , but due to the hostile environment he grew in, he grew up to be an insecure, unsafe individual with a very low self esteem.

His dad wasn’t around, his real dad left when he was very young, ever since then it has been him, his mum and her bad decisions; her choice of men is what you can describe as “bad decisions”.

The man in her life is horrible, a narcissistic and misogynistic bastard,he treats her poorly

Even though Mike tries to be a happy go lucky kid to the outside world,what the world doesn’t know is that every night , Mike laid on his back and dreamt of a better place, not the regular better place, but a place where the wild things are.

On this particular evening, he was tired of the yelling and screaming between his mum and her boyfriend, so he decided to leave the house to go to his oasis(the only place where he can see the stars in peace.)

He has thought about killing himself, so many times he can’t remember. He has gone through different processes and ways he can die in his head, but the thought of leaving his mother alone was scary, he can’t leave her alone , he can’t let her go through this alone; and he wouldn’t want to break her heart.

On getting to this place of comfort, he just laid on his back and fantasied about a whole new different world, where he was happy and had a complete perfect family, but his thoughts was interrupted by a very unfriendly wind.

If he wasn’t mistaken, he could have sworn that he heard his name, but he shrugged it off and assumed it was the voices in his head playing pranks on him.
He dusted the crumbs of leaves and sand that came with the wind off of his body; and continued fantasizing.

Then it happened again, this time the voice was bold and fierce; he could hear his name clearly.

He stood up rapidly, turning around in circles trying to make sense of what was happening around him.
“Who’s there?” He screamed into the air. His voice laced with more of curiosity than fear.
“I am Octavia, your genie “

Isn’t Octavia supposed to be a feminine name? Then why does she sound like a dude?
“Because, unlike you humans, we don’t care about that .”
“What you can read my thoughts?” He gawked
“Yes I can!”
“Hmm” he pressed his finger against his lips and stared into oblivion skeptically “okay, what am I thinking about now?” He asked
“I’m not in for your childish game” he groaned
“Then I don’t believe you.” He said.
For some weird reason he wasn’t scared, but he felt like he was going crazy, cause whatever is happening to him is impossible.
“Well it’s impossible for most humans, but you have a gift , some others can see me but can’t hear me, some can see and hear me, but you can only hear me , but can’t see me.” She answered his thoughts for him.

Now he didn’t know if he wanted to stay, or runaway, but either way he can’t seem to control his own body.
“Look Mike, I’ll make it easy for you, I’m here to grant one of your wishes, just one of it.” She said emphasizing on the word ‘one’.

“So I want you to think carefully about it, you don’t have to rush about it, I’ll give you a week to think about it, meet me here this time next week, and I’ll grant it for you, but it depends on what it is.” She said.
He didn’t have to think about it, he already knew what he wanted. By this time next week, everything will be perfect he told himself, as he ran home.

Watch out for the second part, next week, same time!

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