Midnight Fantasies

January 2019, new year with a new motto. I was going to become the big girl that I am and finally stop playing with toys.

Well, that was until I met him.

The first week of the new year my mum came home with a surprise for me,

A stuffed purple unicorn.

He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and I was immediately charmed.

He spoke to me every night as I told him all my problems and he stayed and listened.

I stayed awake every night like a blind bat and listened to all his stories. They gave me peace.

I thought I had found my forever and I did not want to grow up never.

It was all flowers and love till one unfortunate day.

I found my beloved stuffed toy in the arms of another.

He laid comfortably in her arms and he didn’t want to come back no matter how hard I called.

He was lost.

I was lost.

He listened to another’s problems.

He told another his stories.

He gave another peace.

The fire that he ignited in my heart was quickly extinguished.

I sat there with my broken phone screen and spoilt phone charger in my hand.

I began to wonder if my village people had finally located me.

He was gone.

I had lost my precious purple unicorn and his midnight tales forever.

I hope he found peace, cause I lost mine.

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