Most Embarrassing Day of my Life

The annual inter house sports was approaching and practices started

People gathered for races and I thought to myself “why not join them”

But then my mum’s voice echoed in my head from the conversation we had a day before, “Tanto do not join them in the races”

I just shook it off. “I can do this” I said to myself.

I joined them at the starting line

“Ready” I can do this

“Set” I’m going to do this

“Go!” And I’m doing this

We took off and started running

Not even up to 20 seconds into the race, I felt my legs wobbling below me

“What’s going on” I wondered.

I suddenly felt myself getting closer to the ground

“Am I shrinking?”, I thought to myself

I saw the the floor getting closer to my face

And before I knew it

My body collided with the ground

I suddenly became the center of attention

Imagine the entire school stopping their activities and having their whole attention on you

At that point all I could wish for was the the ground to open up and swallow me whole right then and there

But to my disappointment, it didn’t happen

I had just fallen in front of the entire school

Because of ordinary inter house sports practice that I didn’t even end up participating in

My mum wasn’t too happy when she found out what happened as she saw my bruises

Till this day I still get teased about it by my siblings

I have permanent scars as a daily reminder

Will I ever run again?

God forbid bad thing

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