Goals for the year

Hey guys! Still in the New Year spirit, today’s post is talking about my personal goals I wish to achieve this New Year.

At the beginning of every year, some of us think about what we would like to do to make the New Year our year and sometimes halfway into the year we find out that we don’t even fulfill them and that is a bit disappointing. I’m on this table too guys. I always say I’m going to do this and that but I almost never even end up doing one thing on my list. But that changes this year (I hope LOL).

I am going to share some of my goals which I plan to meet this 2019. As I said in my previous post, this is #SecureTheBag2019 and I’m definitely here to secure the bag.


1.    Start a blog

2.     Put in my best and  do not give up on it

3.     Finish writing my book (shhh)

4.    Keep in touch with friends and family

5.     Write at least 5 short stories

6.     Write a kids book

7.    Take a marketing developmental course

8.     Defeat procrastination

9.    Academic excellence

10.     Hit the gym and get in shape

11.     Eat healthy and stay healthy

12.     Improve spiritual life

13.     Financial stability

14.     Save money!

These are not New Year resolutions but they are what I owe to myself. Personally, when we are going into 2020, I want to look back on 2019 and see different things I have achieved. As you can see I have already achieved my first goal which is starting a blog which I am very happy about. Hopefully I will meet all of my set goals.

Do you have any goals for the year? Let me know through the various social media platforms available and the comment section. You can also give advice on how to achieve set goals.  


8 thoughts on “Goals for the year

  1. I am really impressed by your new post on new resolution with i will call My New year Personal Plan. I dont have any before now but reading your makes my adrenaline rush towards getting mine done and plan towrads achieving. Thanks Tanto!!

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  2. This is a very important post. It’ll also motivate other people to create a new years resolution it has helped me though, I really need it 😊

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  3. Honestly,I’m so happy that you actually talked about this because me myself, I’ve been trying to improve on some of the things on your list.Especially procrastination. LOL.But I’m actually so proud of you For already crossing getting a blog off your list and I hope you continue to cross more things off your list as the year progresses. Good luck💪🏾

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